Ode to a Lesser Human

I’ll never forget the truths you taught me

Nor would I ever forgive you the scars

But even now, as I stand healed and whole

I still regret playing out our farce

First it was fun, a source of great cheer

To prick you with my wit

I loved nothing more than to lend an ear

To those who saw you unfit

Though not a bad word ever left my lips

It brought me a smile to see

That no matter how well you played your cards

There were still those immune like me

I enjoyed the teasings, no matter how unkind

And uncouth to you they were

For darling, in my eyes even the jabs you earned

Were sweeter than your lies of care

The only pain you brought me still

Was by your own demise

As I looked back and realised my dear ‘friend’

Was the you you’d drenched in lies

It’s not care, not remorse I feel

But pity of the greatest degree

Like a child who abuses his favourite toy

You ceased to let go of me

So don’t hear me wrong, you disgust me

With your mockery of love divine

But now I cannot find much joy in you

As I’ve discovered more in mine


There will always be people around you who lie to your face. No matter how much you value them, if they are detrimental to your well being, you need to cut all ties with them.

Friends, parents, children, lovers or co workers. It doesn’t matter what kind of labels they had in your life. Put your happiness first.


10 thoughts on “Ode to a Lesser Human

  1. supercalifragilisticexpialidocious says:

    I can so relate this to what I went through in the recent past. 🙂
    Very true Athira, blood relation or not, all are same. If they hurt us, it’s better to let go.

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      • supercalifragilisticexpialidocious says:

        Yeah. I am over it. Though few try to jab every now and then, I am in ignore mode.😂😂
        People have this wrong notion that elders are always right. Oh my god, they are your parents, you shouldn’t go against them! But shouldn’t they give it a thought once that the rules or decisions they take on behalf on their child might actually ruin their child’s life? I knew this someone who was very possessive about their child, finally the child committed suicide. Rules are fine, brings about discipline. But being so strict that the child cannot take it anymore is bad.

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