Successfully Adult-ing

Firstly, I would like to make clear that my title has nothing to do with adultery, and that people who do that are ‘shame-shame’.

Today I talked to someone whom I hadn’t conversed with for a long time (and with good reason. He figuratively sucks as a human being). After what one could call a ‘civil conversation’ he made a very patronising remark.

“You haven’t changed at all”

Now normally, people would feel flattered when told this. After all, who wants to get older except the young? Once we reach a certain age, we realise that adulthood is quite possibly the worst ‘disease’ one can catch.

But here he was, a person who leered at how I had stayed immune to it. Continue reading

Despise or Forgive? (A Hate Story)


She was utterly at a loss as to how to act around him.

Did she hate him? Yes. Yes, because he used her naivety, broke her heart and gave new life to her insecurities.

She was very vocal about her hatred too. She found particular joy at making smart-ass come backs to his lame one-liners and making him lose face. She also found it hilarious to make puns at his expense. The man hated a woman, especially one who had been so dependent on him, put one above him. But there was nothing much he could do. She enjoyed his powerlessness.

Others knew of her hatred as well. Though she took particular care to not speak outright of his crimes, those who hated him flocked around her. At such discussions she was always passive and mute, but she listened. Oh she listened.

But there were other times when she’d feel sorry for him.

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Just a Joke

Daily Prompt: Joke

The timing was perfect. She had finally got some time alone with him, and that too under a rather exquisite tree. Birds were chattering excitedly over their very heads. The tiny flowers around their seated bodies blushed red with an intensity that was surpassed only by her rosy cheeks.

The whole setting reeked of romance.

He was her best friend. The one person who understood her best of all. It felt like fate was pushing her towards him.

They sat together, reveling in the shared silence. She wondered if he could hear her erratic heartbeat. To her it seemed too loud to ignore.

I love you.

They’d never once said those words to each other, but their gestures spoke volumes. She was as sure of his love as the fact that the sun was a star. Hence she did not feel any of the nervousness or tension one might entertain before confessing. Continue reading

Drown me in Your Hues


For that special boy with the pretty smile and the twinkling eyes ūüôā


You have created art

Without knowing

You took me, a mere rag

A ghost of what I once was

Used and abused till I began to fray

And riddled with holes

Broken beyond repair

You took me without fear


Or pity

You took me in your arms Continue reading

On Depression and Desperation

So recently I met someone who told me something interesting- that she had utilized her depression as a way to bond with similar minded individuals. The concept itself baffled me. Every time I’d brought up the topic around people, their reactions could be easily sorted into these categories:-

1- Extreme pity. I’m talking ‘BooHoo you broken soul…talk to me when you feel depressed again’¬†level of pity. ‘Say something nice at the moment and then forget it’ pity.

2- Disbelief.¬†‘You seem too happy to be depressed’¬†or¬†‘Girls this young don’t get depressed’ or even the occasional ‘You have everything! Why would you feel depressed?’

3- Accusations. ‘Oh the special snowflake syndrome’¬†or¬†‘You’re just trying to get attention, huh?’

4- Awkwardness. Followed by sudden change of subject. ‘Oh so you were once depressed, huh… Ever heard of the Great Depression of Europe? I’ve always wanted to visit Europe’

Sometimes I think to myself, why do I even bother? When people ask you ‘how are you?’ they expect an ‘I’m fine, thank you!’. It’s more a matter of politeness rather than genuine interest.

I’ve been living with depression for a very long time now. Continue reading

Blogger Recognition award and The Handwriting Tag! :D

I got nominated for two wonderful challenges at the same time, so I decided to join them up (Because I’m lazy that way. I apologize)

A HUGE thank you to jhallipatakha for nominating me for the blogger recognition award and Secret Smiles for nominating me for the Handwriting tag! ^ ^

First, I’ll do the Blogger recognition award, since it was given first.


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How my blog started

In the midst of my term exams, I was procrastinating like a pro. I wanted to do something that justified my putting off my studies and so I decided to start a blog!

Because yeah, its for my FUTURE!

And I’m a lit major, so I figured that a blog would be a good thing. And I was right for once.¬† Continue reading