In the shadows I lurk
The true first woman

The sinner who dared walk free

Born like Adam

His equal

Yet punished for the same

Why was I pushed to be

His ‘loving wife’

Against my will?

What was the purpose of my creation?

For, if it was pleasure he seeked

He could have looked elsewhere

Why must I lie beneath him

Like a limp fish

An unmoving statue

When I am so gloriously alive

And breathing? 

Why must I stay

And bear silent witness

To his violence and desires?

Why must I not search

For a worthy mate

Who loves my soul

As he yearns for my body?

Father, when you created me

Did you not love me

As a daughter?

Or were I naught but a doll

For your favourite creation

To use and abuse

While you looked on

Puffing with pride?

When I called for help

I received the wings of an angel

And with them I found

My haven

For no matter how beautiful

Or plentiful Eden was

Eden belonged to Adam.

Freedom to me

Was as precious as air

Still, why drag me away

And suffocate me?

Why rage

When I say

I refuse to not breathe?

Why damn me to hell

And curse my children

When all I wished

Was for serenity?

I am no temptress

No stealer of children

No whore who courted demons

No. I am a woman

True to my core.

Why give me a soul

If you did not wish me free?


So, a friend gifted me a few books today, one of them being a collection of short stories. I read a few on the way home, and a particular piece about Lilith struck me. I want to read and understand more about this character, but for the time being I sated my wish with this simple poem.

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