I hid myself away from the world

And lived untouched, unloved, unhurt

Barely living ; Yet surviving by

Breathing just to go from morning to night

All alone- hence no one to judge me

Queen of my world, though quite unseemly

Not joyous or sad, yet I existed

There in my realm, life wasn’t twisted

Then you chipped away at the walls I built

Threw out my troubles, washed away the guilt

For the first time, I saw the world outside and

Marvelled at its warmth, with you by my side 

Suddenly my pain was a thing of the past

You became my world- too bright, too fast

All around I spied beauty and I felt

Strangely light- like my winter could melt

Spring all around! But as soon as it came

It changed, and now you aren’t the same

Our eyes, they meet- yet you look away

My essence fades from your mind everyday

Then when I tried to return to my haven

I couldn’t step in- that world seemed so barren

So now I have no home, nowhere I belong to

No place within me nor one beside you

It seems so funny now, in a horrid way

How you came in with promises and forgot to stay

And how patiently you traced my scars and my pain

Only to carve them deeper again and again

How all your words you’ve taken back

“You’re all I’ve ever wanted” “No- not like that

And now you’ve reduced me to this shameless mess

But everyday it hurts less and less

One day I’ll be healed and you’ll be far gone

Thought the hurt is unbearable, it will be borne

And the next time I smile, true from my core

You won’t be the reason behind it anymore  🙂


This poem was written almost a year ago. I thought I’d lost it, but a friend recently sent me back a copy that I’d given him ^ ^

Thank you for holding on to this piece of mine for so long, Akkii ❤

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