It all started with that one stray look. He had caught the other man staring at her, judging her curves and found her answering grin.

The next moment, he was pushing her through the hotel, using her weight and his strength to open doors whilst still keeping eye contact, until they both reached their destination.

Hands on her thighs, gripping the soft flesh until it turned a luscious pink. His snakey tongue taking the opportunity to dart out and savour a few drops of her sultry sweat. Her face held roughly to his chest, muffling any sweet groans she might otherwise let out.

They struggled with the key, but eventually the door opened. For a moment they stood still, taking in the beauty of the room. 

“Wow-” her low appreciative whisper brought him out of his reverie. He pushed her onto the bed, hungrily kissing her once again for good measure before he slowly, agonisingly separated from her to go lock the door.

The moment the secure click was heard, he felt her fingers on his shoulders.

Her cherry lips were blowing raspberries into his ears, a childish action that nevertheless brought out un-child-like thoughts in him.

Then she bit him.

“What the fu-”

“Shhhhhh” Her finger grazed his lower lip, slowly pulling at it mischeviously. “That should be my line. What got into you, so suddenly?”

The woman before him was no Cleopatra. She could never pass for Helen of Troy or any of those other legendary beauties. But with a single flick of her wrist she could weaken his legs until he keeled in front of her.

She was his own personal seductress. Or at least, he’d have liked her that way.

“What were you doing? You were acting like-” he struggled to swallow the insult, but failed miserably “like a whore!”

She raised one slight eyebrow at his accusation. “How so?”

“Y-you were- they were- what’re you wearing?”

“A dress?”

“Its- yes, but-” But you’re not supposed to look so good in that. Not to other people.

“I don’t see the problem.”

“They were looking at you-”

“That’s what people do. People have eyes.” Her tone had gone from seductively raspy to angry. He suddenly became aware that he was threading on thin ice.

“Men were staring at you and-”

“And what? You’re the one who calls me a child all the time. They can’t possibly be looking at me as a woman-” She jeered at him mockingly. Oh the bitch knew what she was doing to him-

“That’s not what I meant-”

“Forget it. I’m going home.” She slipped on her jacket and turned away from him. “I can’t stand being with you anymore. Can’t I ever enjoy being desired?”

“You can’t!”

“And why not?” Her eyes were on him again, sharp and challenging. “What’re you to me, to get so agitated over me seeking company? My lover?”

He couldn’t say a word.

“I thought so.” Her voice broke. “You keep sticking around with me and giving me false hope-”

“You know why I can’t be… what you want me to be-”

“I DON’T” She was crying again, and he wanted nothing more than to take her in his arms.


“No, you listen. Don’t you love me?”

He looked at her, looking at him like everything depended on his answer. He couldn’t lie.

“I do.”

“Don’t you want to embrace me?” She wrapped her hands over her petite breasts as if proving a point. He swallowed audibly.

“I do. Gods, I do!”

His desperation seemed to amuse her. She reached out and touched him tentatively.

“You’re cold” she whispered. He gave a sheepish smile. “Its a given, considering what I am.”

“You’re human”

“Wrong. I was human. Right now, I amn’t one anymore.”

“You’re my husband.”

“The promise was ’till death do us part’, remember?” He tried to smile, but it came out crooked. “I- I can’t be here anymore. I mean, I want to. So much. But-” This time, when he reached out to touch her sweet face, his hand went right through it.

“This has been happening more and more often.” She commented sadly. He could only nod.

“So this is all the time you get?”

“Its a miracle I even got to say goodbye.”

He place his hand next to hers, careful not to touch, because neither of them could bear disappointment again.

“Listen. I want you to… be happy. Maybe find another person who can… be with you.”

She laughed messily at his insinuation. “You’ve always been a jealous prick, and now you want me to go to another guy?”

“Or girl” he grinned. “That’d be hot.”

“You wish.” She smiled. Gently, she took his hand. Both sighed in relief when they touched.

“Go to sleep.” He murmured, kissing her soft forehead.

“Stay with me?” She whimpered.

When she awoke next morning, she was alone.

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