Thenmala Diaries 

After much pleading and threatening to go on my own lest they came with me, my family finally decided to bend to my wishes and go to Thenmala.

Dad said he’d drive, since Google said we’ll reach there in two hours and fourty five minutes.
It took four hours. 

Anyway, once we reached the ecotourist park, we found out that there were four packages we’d have to pay individually for.

We decided on the Leisure Zone and the Adventure Park ( Dad wasn’t too hot on this one). I was kinda bummed that we wouldn’t have enough time to visit the butterfly park or see the beautiful fountains at night, but I suppose I’d return to see them both some other day!

The Leisure Zone was basically just a long path to walk, surrounded by greenery and dinosaur statues. 

Yep. You heard me. Dinosaurs.

Like someone took one look at the park and went Hmmm… it seems too tame. Know what’ll fix it? DINOSAURS.

Or maybe they just watched too much Jurrasic Park as a kid and went wild when asked to decorate.

Though it was weird at first, we soon got used to it.

During the second half of the walkway we came across some sculptures. A few we could understand, or at least guess the meanings of. Most were beyond our interpretations, but at least they were pretty fun to look at!

We also got to see the Thenmala dam!

The whole place was beautiful, though. I almost filled up my phone memory, but reminded myself just in time that there were more places left for me to visit!

We had to finish up the Leisure Zone in an hour in order to be on time for the Adventure zone, as tourists were supposed to go in one big friendly group.

Our “group” consisted of the four of us and one HUGE family. They were pretty slow in walking, so we were the first ones inside the park.

The first attraction was the Elevated pathway where we were able to walk near the tree canopies.

Midway,though, we came across a particularly aggressive batch of monkeys.

It was a sight to see- human beings (including me) desperately running away from a few animals less than a fourth our size!

It took a while, but we were able to shoo them away and continue on to the rest of the attractions.

There were many activities there- rope climbing, river crossing, archery (tried and failed. Miserably), ziplining, boating etc.

I was particularly excited about ziplining, but once I reached the starting point, the coordinators were worried that I wouldn’t weigh enough and might get stuck midway. Even so I decided to go forward- getting stuck might even give me more of an adventure!

But everything went well. Boringly so. Considering how hyped I’d been for this, I was dissapointedly calm during the actual feat.

The boating, however, was difficult. My brother and I decided we were strong enough to work the paddles. Not only did we gain sore feet, but we were also played like puppets by the wind and made to go around in circles!

After Thenmala, we decided to drop by Palaruvi Waterfalls as well. It was a beautiful place even though we were informed that there was less water than usual.

The water was cool, clean (surprising, considering the sheer amount of people using it as a bath) and the whole place had a rather cool atmosphere.

So, all in all it was a wonderful experience. I hope to travel more soon, especially places further away!

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