Book Haul and TBR!

So I’m currently having my fifth semester examinations at college, and it’s a double head-ache for me as I am, unapologetically, an avid procrastinator.

And to make matters worse, both Amazon and flipkart decided to have jaw-dropping sales at this exact time. Add two book fairs to the mix and you give me an irresistible offer.

Ladies and gentlemen, I have a confession. I am a bookaholic. My shrink says it’s chronic. I blame my whole family for giving me this disease. It’s in my genes. And I spent almost all the money I received for my birthday on books this year.

Almost all of these books, I got for more than 50% discount. (Viva le online shopping!)


The Phantom of the Opera is about Erik, a man with a disfigured face who teaches the beautiful Christine the art of singing. His love for her turns obsessive, and apparently following that, shit hits the fan. Gothic romances are a HUGE weakness of mine  (think Wuthering Heights) so I’m looking forward to this so much!

The Picture of Dorian Gray is the story of a young man who sells his soul for eternal youth, while his portrait ages in his place. This is some major voodoo stuff going on right here, and I WANT IN!


The Silence of the Lambs– everyone knows the book or the movie, so I’m rather late to the party. All I can say is, I’m looking forward to getting acquainted with Hannibal the Cannibal.😍

Sharp Objects is the debut novel of Gillian Flynn (of Gone Girl fame) and deals with crime AND dysfunctional families. I have high expectations for this one.

Jihadi Jane chronicles the tale of Ameena and Jameela, two staunch Muslim teens who decide to devote themselves to Allah, but tragically gets entangled with the IS. This is a take on religious fanaticism and the difference between it and true followers of the religion in question.

Science Fiction 

The Martian– again, late to the party. I kept putting off seeing the movie as I wanted to read the book first, and finally- FINALLY- found a good deal on it.

The Time Traveler’s wife. I’ve read a lot of great reviews on this book and the title itself gives me goosebumps. It’s apparently a love story that transcends time- how cool is that! The book was slightly damaged (the reason behind the low price) but I love it all the same!


Everyone knows the Hobbit. Except me. I wanted to change that.

Most of Murakami’s works deal with magical realism and fantasy, so I’m expecting the same from this one. His writing is difficult to understand, but oh so fulfilling! You discover new layers of meaning in every read. the book promises to tackle intermingling of fate and Oedipus, so I’m excited!

Modern Classic 

I still can’t believe how cheap this book was! As a lover of her poetry, I’ve always been ashamed of the fact that I’ve never given her novel a try. But now I finally have Plath’s Bell Jar in my hands!


Being an agnostic person, I want to study all aspects of religion and atheism. A friend suggested this book as a must-read, and the prices were low enough that I bought it!


Wow. Looking at the whole thing once again, it seems that I have bought too many books!

I’m joking. There’s no such thing as too many books.

I can’t wait till exams are over, so I can just curl up near my window with a cup of hot coffee on my hand, holding a book on the other and enjoying the cool weather outside.

Here’s to enjoying the little pleasures of life! 😁 ❤

2 thoughts on “Book Haul and TBR!

  1. thecoffeebeanbrain says:

    I love your book haul and I’m 100% supportive of people who are addicted to books, so no judgement here! 🙂 I am working on a reading challenge for next year so you can say it’s not really Christmas that I’m excited about 🙂 (not that I don’t love Christmas) Have a great weekend!

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