Successfully Adult-ing

Firstly, I would like to make clear that my title has nothing to do with adultery, and that people who do that are ‘shame-shame’.

Today I talked to someone whom I hadn’t conversed with for a long time (and with good reason. He figuratively sucks as a human being). After what one could call a ‘civil conversation’ he made a very patronising remark.

“You haven’t changed at all”

Now normally, people would feel flattered when told this. After all, who wants to get older except the young? Once we reach a certain age, we realise that adulthood is quite possibly the worst ‘disease’ one can catch.

But here he was, a person who leered at how I had stayed immune to it.
It got me thinking. Is change necessary?

Of course, the change I’m referring to here is not the sort that is vital for survival. It’s not the development of lungs in those fish who dared step out of the deep blue sea millions of years ago. It is not the change that helped animals thrive in deserts and barren lands. It is not the gradual evolutionary change that eventually lead to a human like me clicking on keys to write like this.

No. The change I’m referring to is not gradual, noble or essential for survival. Rather, it is something that all people are expected to undergo as they slowly age. People call it many things-gaining maturity, reaching adulthood, getting rid of your funny bone….

It is expected of us, that much is true. But is it absolutely necessary?

If a person likes who he/she is, then why the pressure to change? Why is adulthood seen as the end of all enjoyment and innocence?

In my (not really very humble because I’m putting it permanently on the internet) opinion, change is to an extent very much voluntary. It leads to one thing eventually- the completion of you as a unique individual.

So if you are already pleased with how you’ve turned out, no one has the right to shame you for it.

So you’re thirty, and you want to lick the cream off the biscuit before eating it whole. DO IT! Fifty, and want to dance in the rain? DO IT! Seventy, and want to go paragliding? DO IT! BUT ASK YOUR DOCTOR FIRST! To hell with what society says your ‘age’ should dictate you should and shouldn’t do!

Ultimately, you do you.

Unless, Of course, you’re a serial killer. Or a pedophile. Or a pedophillic serial killer. If you are then you’ve got issues, dude -_- See, these are the cases where change is necessary and wholesome.

Keep being awesome 🙂

3 thoughts on “Successfully Adult-ing

  1. kirascribbled says:

    As I get older, I’ve found the only change is that I don’t put up as much of a farce for societies sake and care less and less what people think. So I would hope everyone just becomes more themselves as they age. Great post.

    Liked by 1 person

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