Drown me in Your Hues


For that special boy with the pretty smile and the twinkling eyes 🙂


You have created art

Without knowing

You took me, a mere rag

A ghost of what I once was

Used and abused till I began to fray

And riddled with holes

Broken beyond repair

You took me without fear


Or pity

You took me in your arms

Stitched my tears the best you could

Watched me wash myself clean with my tears

Until I retrieved a semblance of my former pure white glory

Once it was what I’d longed for

But now, whenever I feel your touch

Your kindness, your tenderness

All I want is to be dyed by you


Paint me your colour and claim me as yours

8 thoughts on “Drown me in Your Hues

  1. K. Bellamy with a Purpose says:

    💘💙💜💛🌹🌷 There is so much love in this poem that’s the reason for so many emojis. The words go straight through the heart. The blue, purple, and orange heart somehow to me mean bravery and courage, because it takes that to tell anyone this. Lastly, the flowers are because, if anyone does something of this magnitude for some one else and the world to see, then, they are a blossoming flower the has bloomed. I appreciate this post.

    Liked by 3 people

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