Open letter to my Future Love

There was a time in my life when I thought it was an impossibility for me to be loved by someone. I could never imagine someone being genuinely interested in who I am. Someone wanting to be with me. Someone thinking about me even when I’m not in close proximity. Because truthfully, I’m not exactly the kind of beauty who can dance across many a lad’s day dreams.

But a few things happened, stuff I’d surely tell you everything about, and I realized that loved who I am. That’s why now I believe in my capability to be loved. And I believe in your existence.

I have to apologize. I’m not exactly the most stable individual. I have too much emotion for my own good. Everything you do will affect me, and I’d probably be too embarrassed by that fact to let you know. But here’s a tip– I’m very quick to forgive. If I seem angry or sad, all you need to do is put your arms around me. I promise you that I’ll be blubbering like an idiot in minutes. (Keep some tissues and chocolate handy)

will get jealous. Why, you ask? Because I have these stupid trust issues every person I’d ever trusted myself with has gifted me. I would be the Queen of the world and still imagine that one day you’d come to your senses and find a better suited lover. I know it is unreasonable, but I promise to keep it under control. And it’ll really really help if you acknowledge me at that time. Something as simple as a glance is enough. Little by little, I’ll build up my trust in you.

I apologize for my crude sense of humour and terrible puns. I also apologize for my strange ways of showing affection. You see, physical contact is a big deal for me. I loathe to touch people I don’t know or don’t like. Flirting, for me, is a combination of sudden hugs and even more sudden roundhouse kicks. So you might need to have a slightly masochistic side.

I get very very sick at times. I get even more whiny and obnoxious at those moments. And when its my time of the month, I act like a middle-aged drunk porcupine.

Don’t I sound absolutely delightful? 😛

But along with those inconveniences, here is what I promise you. I know we wouldn’t we ‘picture perfect’ and I know I will get on your nerves a lot many times, but I promise to love you in my own weird ways. I promise to be your best friend and try new things with you- bungee jumping, paragliding…you name it! I’ll support you whenever and wherever the support is due, and I’ll be your greatest critic and biggest fan. I will be your eternal hot water bottle and I promise to kiss your wrinkles when we grow grey (thus effectively grossing out everyone within a ten-mile radius). I promise to work as hard as I can and still find time to spend with you.

Your presents will be hand-made. The chores will be shared. I will write you letters and poems and all you desire.(But don’t ask me to share my books.)

Also, I’ll make sure you get to love anime as much as I do. So beware.

No matter who you turn out to be or where you’re from, these are my vows and I plan to keep ’em!


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