He felt ridiculous, getting his first pet at forty, especially something so big and noisy. It had proved itself to be really stubborn as well and resisted any kind of training he had tried to give it. It couldn’t even be potty trained, and he almost always had to clean up after it.

He often regretted choosing this particular pet.

His eyes wandered to the clock. It was almost time for lunch.

He often regretted getting it, yes, but now it was his obligation to look after it. No matter how much of a trouble maker it was, it was still a beautiful creature. A pretty rare catch even. He didn’t know anyone else with such an exotic pet. He was sure that with time, it would come to love him as much as he loved it.

He hummed a tune as he prepared the chow. To be honest, he still wasn’t quite sure as to what it would like for food. He was still experimenting with it’s preferences. But they had come a fair distance from when he’d just started out.

At first, it didn’t trust him at all. It would retreat to a corner, frightened and defensive at the same time, and refuse to touch what he had offered. But then, the hunger won and it began to gulp down anything and everything. Still, he kept on with the experiments because he wanted to figure out its favourites and reward it whenever it was being particularly well behaved.

Grabbing a bowl of water as well, he went to his basement, where he kept his prized pet. Such a pity that it was yet to be fully domesticated- he would’ve loved to show it off. But as it was now, letting it out would be a risk to others and even to itself.

He wrinkled his nose in disgust as he reached its kennel. The whole area smelled of piss.

Calm down. Its still young. That’s why it keeps on making the same mistakes-

He knelt down, a forced smile on his face, and placed the bowls before it.

As the little boy leaped towards the meat, he watched with a satisfied smile.

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