When Weddings Become a Stage

Today, I attended the wedding of a friend.

I don’t usually attend weddings (or any social function, for that matter) and once again, I was reminded as to why.

It all started well and good. We went there, congratulated the bride and had some amazing food. Afterwards, we sat in the auditorium, too full to move. I let my eyes wander, and that’s when I noticed it.

All the girls around me were beautiful. They were all decked up in their traditional finery, bejeweled and wearing makeup like pros. They looked elegant and sophisticated, like all ladies of my age are supposed to look.

And then there was me. I already look (and act) like a ten-year-old and since I am almost always in t-shirts and jeans, I looked as out-of-place in the traditional garb as a penguin on a highway (I probably walked like one too). I consider wearing eyeliner my biggest achievement as far as makeup is concerned. And I’d always been strangely at-ease with the whole ‘untidy-no effort’ thing I’ve been going with. Until now.

Now, when I looked around at my peers and saw their level I felt more like a kid than ever. It was almost like they’d all attended a class on ‘Growing up’ together and I’d not known about it. I felt like I’ve been left behind even in my own generation.

It became worse when I ran into a girl who’d used to bully me in the past and she looked utterly radiant. I kept thinking ‘Damn, I hate your guts but you look fantastic.’

This is why I don’t do Indian weddings. They are like a huge stage for every girl to show off her ability at looking as close as possible to a magazine model- something I know I can never aspire to. My rag-tag group of friends become pseudo-Bollywood stars overnight. People can talk all they want about ‘inner-beauty’ and stuff like that, but it is of no concern as far as weddings go. People seldom hide their contempt at seeing such a plain girl in their midst.

I admire the girls who can pull off the look that is expected from them because I can’t even imagine the amount of thought and action that they would’ve put into it. But people seem to forget about the dandelions in the presence of roses.

My family is forever chastising me for being tomboyish and crude. It has never bothered me. For a ‘happy’ social function to have a bigger effect on me than my own family…… That by itself gives an idea about how stressful Indian weddings are.

Don’t get me wrong. The food is great, being there for your friends is even greater but being judged from all corners makes it not worth the effort.

5 thoughts on “When Weddings Become a Stage

  1. rashimb says:

    Oh my god !! Did I just read something out of my diary ? This exactly how I am at weddings. Bcoz I hate the whole dressing up thing. I mean I am more of a jeans and casual shirts person. I only love weddings bcoz of the food and the people who are so warm. You’re not alone buddy 😁

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Kim says:

    Ha, ‘untidy-no effort’ is my look too! You could put me in the fanciest clothes with the most beautiful makeup and I’d still look like I’d been dragged through a hedge backwards. But hey, I like dandelions. Great post!

    Liked by 1 person

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