The 3 Day Quote Challenge!

Thank you so much shonessa for nominating me! Guys, check out her blog its amazing!

First, here are the rules for this challenge:-

  • Three quotes for three days
  • Three nominees each day (no repetitions)
  • Thank the person who nominated you
  • Inform the nominees

I’ve decided to choose the anime character Sakata Gintoki as the theme for my challenge. Anime is a widely misunderstood medium, and I’d like to show that it is more than just a cheap entertainment for kids.

This character is from the anime ‘Gintama’ (my most favourite one) which is predominantly a comedy, but the genre doesn’t keep him from saying some of the most beautiful lines I’ve ever heard.

My quote:-

The best way to live a full life is to be a child, no matter what your age.


So look at the world through the ever curious, innocent eyes of your inner child. Don’t become the sort of a robotic adult society pressurises you to be. Never forget to have fun ūüôā


My nominees:-

All of these people are super amazing! ‚̧

Have a great day, everyone!  ~(^ o ^)~

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