To Take a Chance

Not quite the love story you’ll expect šŸ˜‰


When she woke up, it was still dark outside.Ā Not much time had passed since she’d managed to fall asleep. She hadĀ hadĀ a decent dinner, but her stomach still rumbled in hunger.

She lay on her bed, a million memories flashing through her mind’s eye when she thought back toĀ happier times.

There were no butterflies in her stomach. No smiles on her face. She knew that she was about to do something stupid, but the urge was too strong to ignore.

A thousand ‘what-if’s danced around in her thoughts. It would be so easy to punch a few buttons, and maybe someone would pick up the phone even in this ungodly hour. Maybe that person would be kind enough to give her one last chance at quieting her demons.

But what if no one answered the call? It was almost midnight. Calling this late wasn’t something an adult like her would do.

No. AnĀ adultĀ like her will stay silent and tolerate the gnawing pain. The desperate need. She had to be responsible. It wasn’t good for her. It never has been. It was time to let go and move on to healthier things.

But no no no.

Just one last time. She’d never do this again.

She promised herself that this would be the last time she gave in to her weakness.

The phone rang once…twice…thrice…

“Hello?” A deep voice said.

Oh joy joy JOY! She couldn’t move, couldn’t speak. Just hearing the answering tone brought her a sense of euphoria.

But it was time to talk now. Not daydream. She would try asking for one and only one time, put forward her one and only one demand…….

“Are you open?” She choked out.

The voice at the other end was monotonous as it answered ,”Yeah. Welcome to Pizza Palace. May I take your order?”

And suddenly, everything was alright in the world.

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