A ‘non-cliche but still slightly cliche’ Love Story

Being short is the single most annoying thing ever. It doesn’t matter if you’re a kid, or a teacher or even a freakin’ president- you always have to deal with those ‘Oh dear lord look at that cute little thing’ eyes taller people regard you with.

And that’s exactly why I hate Dhruv. The guy is in my same class, but still has that air of superiority around him whenever he so much as looks at me.

Like, it’s not my fault I’ve done little ‘growing up’.

Unlike my few vertically challenged friends, I am not only short but I also suffer from a severe case of ‘baby face’. I hear that its chronic, unless you are filthy rich and don’t care about paying doctors to mix and match your bones.

But I’m broke, so…

Anyway. This guy. He is infuriating. Especially because I used to have a teensy weensy little crush on him when I was young and stupid.

I know, I know. It all adds up to this cliche ending of us falling in love with each other and me pumping out his babies. Not gonna happen. For one thing, I don’t like like him anymore. Also, he happens to play for the other team.

And by other team I mean he’s gay. Very very gay. I found out about it first-hand when I walked in on him smooching my best friend’s (ex) boyfriend. It was all dramatic and shit. And truth be told, kinda traumatizing for a thirteen year old who hadn’t had her first kiss yet.

But Dhruv also happens to be an annoying closet case, which would explain why he’s going out of his way to make his teasing seem borderline flirting-ish. I won’t be stupid enough to know he’s gay and still fall for him.

Even so, I can’t deny that his wolfish grin and comments bring forth something like a tingling sensation along my entire body. One does not often become the object of thinly-veiled sexual desire, especially when the one in question looks more child-like than an actual child. His attentions are an ego boost at the time they occur,but then turn slightly bitter as time passes and I remember that its all a huge lie. But I’ve been highly tolerant of his shenanigans for a long time, maybe even too long.

Which brings us to today. Its valentines day, and Dhruv has sent me a freakin’ love letter. All my friends are going crazy, congratulating me on my ‘first boyfriend’, except my bestie who looks as lost as I feel. That vague discomfort finally transforms into rage at being used, and I decide to confront him after school. Calmly and in a civilized manner, like adults.

Until his gang shows up where I’m having my lunch, with him in the back looking like a love-struck kid. Honestly the guy deserves all the Oscars.

“Did you read the letter?” He asks

“Yeah.” I answer.

Then we stare at each other in silence, like a couple of utter twats. I’m just visualizing his horrendous death when he speaks again. “And?..”

“It was very well worded.”

“No I mean- what’s your answer?”

The moment he utters the question his tag-along crew start hooting like a bunch of ill-mannered owls and I see red.

He wants to use me as a cover to pretend he’s straight? Teasing is okay. He’s the only dude who can call me a microscopic flea and get away with it. But actually trying to make me his play-along girlfriend just because he lacks the balls to come out and say that he likes balls is just-


Everyone freezes. Even the guys freeze mid-hoot.

Perfect. I now have a stage.

“You like me? You’ve always been mean to me-”

“Hey, it’s true that I tease you and shit but its all in good fun-” Dhruv was sweating a little now, as if he hadn’t expected the outburst. “In my defence, you’re pretty cute when you’re angry…I kinda really like that-”

Like? Like?!

“I saw you make out with Pablo and now you EXPECT ME TO BELIEVE YOU’VE MAGICALLY TURNED STRAIGHT FOR ME?”

Silence. One of the members of his entourage utters a low duuuuuuuuuuuuude.

Dhruv bends down to look at me in the eye. It makes me nervous. He and I are never in the same plane of sight, even when he’s sitting down.

His eyes are very very brown. Kinda common actually. But then again, he himself is a very common looking guy.

“Trisha.” He says, pronouncing each word like he’s trying to communicate something to a child. “It’s called being bisexual.

“Oh” is all my brilliant mind can reply with. Oh. Oh. 

So yeah, flash forward to the future, we end up dating like the cliche of all cliches suggest we do. Maybe we end up getting married, or we break up and go separate ways. Heck, he might even end up leaving me for Pablo. Only time will tell, right?


Kind of a stupid story without a real message or anything 😛 I wanted to write a love story but I also didn’t want it to be the same old routine, but I also wanted a (kinda) happy ending so…. this happened.

Its just written for fun 🙂

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