Many Voices; One Core

I am a living contradiction

In more ways than one

For inside me dwells many souls

Hence I can be anyone


At times I am an artist

A recluse to the core

Who embraces her desolation

Whilst giving life to more


Then I am a traveler

With eyes far seeing and bright

I thrive on hidden treasures found

Through my relentless flight


At times I am a writer

On parchments my thoughts unfurl

With ink and pen I create the tunes

To which my demons twirl


Again, I become a lover

Of all things bright and good

I don the sweetest of my smiles

And please all, as I should


A dancer I am, at very odd times

Often when I am alone

My body sways to music only I hear

As I celebrate on my own


Give me a book and I become a reader

With a smile, I am a friend

Sneer at me and I become your bitter foe

Who will torment you till your end


With a new dress I walk the ramp

With love I soar like a bird

All this and more I am in my mind

Many voices, welded to my core




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