Perspective one

There is a boy in our class whom nobody likes. He’s not the poor kid who is hated for absolutely no fault of his own; rather, he invites it.

I can think of many reasons why he deserves such animosity.

He always sits by the window and refuses to open it when people ask him to. He reacts coldly to anyone who is sweet enough to extend him an offer of friendship. One time, I had to stay behind at school for club activities and I happened to see him with another person. He was pretty aggressively bullying the poor kid and kept up his threatening tone until the victim fell to his knees and apologized. I know I should’ve reported the bullying, but I was too scared of becoming his next target.

He is so bony that he looks almost malnourished. It’s no wonder he has to copy off other people in order to ‘maintain’ his ‘good grades’. The teachers all seem to like him as well. Just goes to show how adults are unable to see past the false images kids put up for them.

His eyes are totally black and scary. He once glared at me when I accidentally spilt juice on his desk and I felt like there was enough anger hidden in those eyes to burn me alive. I offered to clean up the mess, but he acted as if he hadn’t heard me and started wiping by himself. When I left, feeling insulted, I could feel his glare scorching my back.

He never stays for participating in club activities. People say that the reason he’s always so hasty to leave after school is because he meets his dealer then. I remember feeling no surprise when I heard that. He did look like the kind who’d die by overdosing on that junk.

I just wish we’d never have had to have such a member in our class. You know, if he ends up dying today or tomorrow, I can’t truthfully say that I’d feel sad. I’m keen on avoiding him for the rest of my life.


Perspective two

There is a boy in our class who is always alone. It’s so amazing how comfortable he is in his own company- almost enviably so.

But I can’t help but feel like it leads to many misconceptions.

Many people are irritated by how he refuses to open the windows next to his seat, but I see the sickly girl who sits next to him pass him a smile every time he does so. People are also offended by how he doesn’t react positively to offers of friendship, but he’s too shy to keep up with their boisterous ways. One time, I had to stay behind at school for club activities and I happened to see him with another person. He was confronting the bully no one ever bothered standing up to and in spite of being visibly frightened himself, kept up the threatening act until the guy apologized and promised to never do it again. I knew I should’ve told more people about his heroism, but he didn’t seem the sort to like publicity.

He’s rather on the lean and thin side. It’s a wonder how he keeps up his position at the top of the class. The teachers all seem to like him as well. I’m glad that at least the adults can see past his shyness and see his good heart.

His eyes are a beautiful pitch black. One time I accidentally spilt some juice on his desk, and he looked at me in an almost irritated manner. I offered to clean up the mess, but he didn’t hear me and started wiping by himself. Without another word, I joined in and though he was initially surprised, he welcomed the gesture with a warm smile.

He never stays for participating in club activities. He is always in a hurry to leave because he has to pick up his little sister after school. I remember feeling no surprise when I heard that. He did seem like the responsible kind.

I’m almost glad that there’s such a vibrant person in my school. It’s grown to a point that I can feel his absence even if he misses just an hour of class. I think I’d pick up my courage and go talk to him tomorrow.



Author’s note-

Isn’t it amazing how different a person looks when seen from different eyes? It just goes to show that sometimes, we can’t even trust our own two eyes. 🙂


Idée fixe (or Obsession)

She knew he was trouble. She had known it from the first time she laid her eyes on him.

Yet she couldn’t deny her attraction. It was primal. Pure lust. He hadn’t even spared her a glance, but he was all she could see.

She buzzed in anxiety. She wanted to be near him. Needed to be beside him. Hungered to be wrapped up in his fiery embrace.

But no. No. It was dangerous. He would burn her and she would melt. They were too different. It was against everything her family had ever taught her.

Idly she wondered whether he had a family as well. It seemed as if he had just sprung into her life tonight. He had made his entrance in the very same place she had happened to make hers.

It was fate. It was fate. It was fate.

It was meant to be. They were meant to be.

She threw him shy glances but was greeted by cold indifference. It only served to fuel her rampant desire.

By the time she’d come back to her senses, she was already closer to him than before. The heat between them was suffocating, and yet she felt no compulsion to turn back. Like a pawn in a chess game, she could move only in a singular direction. Towards him.

But…. She did have a choice.

She could still turn back.Common sense told her to. She could turn back, and not be another one of his scorned suitors- the poor creatures she saw all around him.

And she almost did.

But for one moment, his warm gaze flickered to her.

“Come” He whispered without words.

She flew towards him. Wondering. Hoping. Wishing. Loving. Wanting.

And the raging fire ate up the fly.



Author’s note:-

Since I’m still not confident of my presentation skills, I’ll explain to all those who didn’t understand. Yeah, this was a story about a fly falling in love with fire. The subject is rather angst-ridden and not my usual style, but this is a work I feel very deeply about.

This is something we see all around us. We give too much of our time and effort to the wrong people, and end up getting burnt. And it isn’t even a ‘stupid teenager’ thing. We’re never too old to fall for fire.

In fact- funny anecdote- this story was inspired by one such person in my life. It was initially meant to be published at a college magazine, but he got involved and… well, you can guess the rest.

So this is my first work in my blog for a reason. 

Criticism welcome 🙂

Ought First Impressions be Emotional?


This feels strange. I’ve always been a very private person, mostly because I don’t think anyone would be interested in what goes on in my messy head.

However, I’ve always been interested in other people. What they say, what they feel… It’s like every person is a book with infinite pages and infinite possibilities.

I’m starting this blog today because I want to become a book as well. Is this blog for validation? I’m not sure. I’ve kept my thoughts repressed for so long that sometimes it feels like my head is about to explode.

And this- this blog- is my escape.

It will contain stories. Even poems. Sometimes essays as well. I do not want to limit myself or those who read my words to just one type of literature.

So please do give me a chance.

I’m not satisfied with being in the back of the bookshelf, covered with cobwebs. Not anymore.

Perhaps the bestsellers rack is too huge a dream for me, but I DO want people to notice me.

Notice me senpai!!!!!………..Oh.My.God I probably just ruined what was supposedly my first and only chance at being liked.

Oh well.  🙂