Why I Hate

“If someone hurts you, learn to forgive them”

That’s all I’ve ever heard

But the more I follow these age-old words

The more I find them absurd


I heal myself by hating and

It might be hard to see

But cursing all my demons

Is what works for me


I curse the girl who trips me

I curse the man who leers

I curse the Ā rain when it falls too hard

And I curse my own damn tears


And yes, the spite clouds my mind

Until I’ve lost my sight

But later it clears like a bright blue morn

And basks me in much light


My hatred brings up in me rough flames

Which blaze and roar and devour

Along with all the pain I hold

All that makes me dour


Until finally, all that’s left of me

Is the earlier specimen; untouched

And all the hurt they caused me

Is all turned to dust



Forgive and forget? More like hate and hate and hate until their bullshit can’t faze you anymore! :3

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